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You can find general information about joining the Scout Movement on the Scouts web site

We currently have small waiting lists for all sections.

To Join Ham Scout Group, or to offer your help, please follow the link to our waiting list below whether we have vacancies or not.

We are limited by the amount of adult help we get at meetings, particularly for Beavers and Cubs. We currently need adults who are prepared to commit to formal leadership roles. Training and uniform are provided and the group covers all reasonable expenses. The other leaders and helpers in the group and district provide support. The sooner we have more leaders and helpers, the sooner we will be able to expand the size of each section and empty any waiting lists.

Please enter your details on our waiting list form. This is managed through the Online Scout Manager (OSM) service which we use to simplify and automate much of the administration of our group. Once you submit the details, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


The group depends entirely on voluntary help for its operation and administration. Once your child has joined, we expect you to help with activities and will therefore need you to complete an ID Checking form so that we can conduct a DBS check in accordance with the Scouts' safeguarding policy.


The Scout Association and Richmond District Scouts provide comprehensive and wide-ranging training to help develop and maintain the skills required to lead and help run a scout group. These are not only practical skills like first aid but also administrative and managerial "skills for life" with a wide application outside of scouting, valued and respected by existing and potential employers as evidence of competence and experience.

Please consider using some of your free time to help to keep our group operating. Join us and find out more.

Section Leaders and Helpers

There are four basic categories of assistance and leadership: We also need voluntary administrative help on the group Executive Council. We currently have an opportunity for somebody to manage PR. We also need new parent representatives for each section, preferably not parents who have already chosen another role. Please get in touch if you can help.

The group covers leaders and helpers' reasonable costs and expenses. All we need is some of your time!

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Ham Scout Group is part of Richmond District Scouts and runs Beavers, Cubs & Scouts for children between the ages of 6 and 14.