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Leaders and helpers

Ham Scout Group is a registered charity run entirely by volunteers. The Leadership team runs the different sections of Ham Scout Group. Its members come from a wide mixture of professional and social backgrounds and all give their time and energy voluntarily to maintain the group's growth and success. More help running the sections is always welcome, so if you would like to participate, please see the information on the join us page and then get in touch.

Leaders and assistants

Group Scout Leader Evelyn Whitehorn *
Deputy Group Scout Leader Alfie Whitehorn *
Squirrel Leader Kevin Echevarria da Silva *
Squirrel Leader Charlotte Cubitt  
Asst. Squirrel Leader Ian Atkins  
Asst. Squirrel Leader Kat Saunders *
Beaver Scout Leader Thomas Imig *
Asst. Beaver Scout Leader Barbara Chomiuk  
Asst. Beaver Scout Leader Faith Romeo  
Cub Scout Leader Helen Keefe *
Asst. Cub Scout Leader Scott Gray *
Asst. Cub Scout Leader Theresa Descours *
Asst. Cub Scout Leader Linda Ennis
Asst. Cub Scout Leader Barbara Oleksy
Scout Leaders Alfie Whitehorn *
Asst. Scout Leader Lauren Whitehorn  
Asst. Scout Leader Patrick Gorman  
Explorer Leader Alfie Whitehorn (interim)
Adult Helper & Parent rep vacant  

* Keyholders